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Re: Pennsylvania Kicks ass

>So to all of you (most likely not on the list) who like to sit in
>the left lane and set the pace that no one is allowed to beat. Screw you,
>and hopefully you can learn your lesson when the PA state trooper is
>writing you a ticket. 

Well, I hope it works better for you folks in PA than it does out here in 
We've had a basic law that states "Slower Traffic Keep Right" for a long 
time, but the CHP rarely, if ever, enforces it.  This form of civil 
disobedience infuriates the hell out of me - every time I have to change 
into a right hand lane to blow by some mindless, anti social, 
inconsiderate, self righteous moron, cruising at 63 MPH in the left lane, 
I start having visions of LAWS rockets, 20MM grill mounted canons, Uzi's, 
hand grenades, etc., etc.

Good luck with your new law,