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Re: totaled S4??

Phil & Judy Rose wrote:

> I recently responded to an EPages ad for a '93 S4 (39K miles) that is
> offered FS at $28K obo; I asked for more info.
> The description of the car is puzzling. The seller claims the vehicle had
> been in a "light front-end collision", but when it was reported that the
> transmission wouldn't shift and needed to be replaced, the insurance
> company declared it a total loss.  transmission problem was caused by a
> "bent shift linkage". So  it has been completely restored
> it to "original condition".

I have seen this car and it is exactly what he said it is . I saw the car when
he got it and the damage was just as he described.

> Claims to be an Audi master mechanic of 15 yrs
> experience.

This is also true I have been using this man since 1989. He is the only one
that touches my cars.  Master mechanic is an absolute UNDERSTATEMENT.  If only
he would join the list he would represent an immense resource.  I would go as
far as to personally vouch for this man.   I know this may be a contradictory
statement But, He is a Honest Mechanic who has saved me thousands$$$$ over the

Just my$.02 worth.. well maybe more than .$02

> Bob Russell