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Re: Brake Pedal Position & UI

Al Powell wrote:

> That's my bet as to the problem.  My theory is that many of the
> people driving Audi automatics were graduating from Olds Cutlasses or
> similar middle-'Murrican cars (a status move) and simply were not the
> kind of drivers who were aware of anything about their cars -
> including the relative positions of the pedals.  If you think about
> brake pedal position in the American slush-tranny cars, they're
> generally far removed from the gas, making heel-and-toe braking
> IMpossible.
> Now, the Audis are set up so that someone who DOES know something
> about driving can use the gas and brake to advantage.  This also
> means that someone who is an INattentive driver could simply mash
> whatever pedal is in the general area - and sometimes, it was the
> gas!

Also, the Audi hydraulic boosted brakes have a different pedal feel than
US manfactured autos. More inline with compressed air brakes i.e.
braking modulated more by pedal travel than pedal pressure.  The pedal
seems soft to unintiated Audi drivers. Also noted in the C&D research is
that the incidence of UA decreased with familiarity in the vehicle.

IMHO, most vehicles are piloted by motorists, not drivers!

My $.02...

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