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Re: Pennsylvania Kicks ass

George Achorn wrote:
> I heard on the radio last night that PA has outlawed left lane lurkers.

I thought that this was a national law!  I almost smacked the people
at work who argued that you didn't have to stay right if there
wasn't a sign telling you to.  Ugh!!!

> And in the case of our friends who run up the
> closing lane to the last moment, and getting all pissed off when someone
> doesn't want to let them in (gee I wonder why), they frequently have state
> troopers parked there, happy to pull you over if you have no manners and
> love to butt in line.

I have done extensive studies of what actually causes traffic jams
on multi-lane roads, and this is the cause.  One inconsiderate
(&((^ goes sailing down the closing lane, then tries to cut in
at the last second.  Three others see him/her, and quickly follow
suit.  The through lane has to come to a complete stop to let them
all in, and a traffic jam is born.

In these parts, I and others have been known to block the shoulder
to anyone but emergency vehicles on those rare occasions when we
do get a traffic jam.  People driving the shoulder block emergency
vehicles, and I have told more than one shoulder-driver that face-
to-face when they can't get around my CJ-7.  I have also seen
truck drivers go three-wide on a two lane interstate to keep the
traffic flowing.

To quote that Shell radio commercial, "Sometimes I wish that I had
a special button."  A special button that would make all idiot
drivers vanish into thin air, and also notify their insurance
companies that they shouldn't pay out on death benefits..... :-)