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Re: Pennsylvania Kicks ass

> about time i wish other states would follow

FWIW, the law in WA is "keep right except to pass".  Wish someone would
inform the State Patrol.

Do they still have the TV ad's in the UK where someone gets pulled
over for sitting in the middle lane when the left lane was clear?
Something like that anyway.  It's been a while.

As for what I'll call premature merging, I don't see any point in
leaving a lane empty for a mile before it ends.  Around here,
that just causes the backup to be longer, usually backing to
before the exit I want.

...and let's not mention what should be done to the engineers
who put on/off ramps _on the left hand side_, especially the
the 520 to I5 south in Seattle where my exit is 1/2 mile later
across 4 lanes of trafic.