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In message <34B634CC.DF51C244@reutech.co.za> rmeyer.rdi@reutech.co.za (Renier Meyer) writes:

> After everything else was done a friend suggested that we replace the
> brand new fuel filter. We did that and the problem was solved. It is
> like driving another car!

Does the 200 have the 'pre-filter' or sediment trap that was fitted
to the early ur-quattros?

It's shown for my car on the parts microfiche, but was either never
fitted or it was removed before I bought the car.  There was apparently
a TSB calling for its removal - I suspect because the regulations on
who can do what to fuel lines in Germany were tightened.  The lug was
still present on my car, but bent over.  I un-bent it, and fitted a
sediment trap.

I was quite surprised last week to find how much rubbish had accumulated
in it.  I replaced the check valve in my (external) fuel pump and did
some general tidying up under there, and fluched out the trap in the

Did you flush the tank before fitting the first new filter?  Did you
fluch it before fitting the _second_?

 Phil Payne
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