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Summary of the problem and the solution.

My 200T got dirt into the fuel tank which resulted in the fuel pump
going faulty.
We replaced the fuel pump (at great cost) and also fitted a new fuel
filter (genuine spares).

Ever since the fitting of the components, the car would not pull under
high load conditions. It would pull only when you removed your foot from
the gas pedal.

Attempts to rectify

We checked the whole electrical system, and the fuel system for any
problems, but could not find any. The agents did not know either. The
only other visible symptom was fuel bubbling from the bottom of the pump
when looking into the tank.
The agents replaced the pump and that resulted in about a 20%

After everything else was done a friend suggested that we replace the
brand new fuel filter. We did that and the problem was solved. It is
like driving another car!


Thanks to everyone for their help and suggestions, I really appreciate
the inputs from all over. Especially to Scott M, a big thanks.

Renier Meyer.
Durban South Africa.