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Re: Xenon lights on S6

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From: Sachelle Babbar <sbabbar@iris.nyit.edu>
To: ScharfR <ScharfR@aol.com>

>That was an indefinitive answer as I have seen s4/6's with HID headlights.
>Come to my town. We have more great cars here than any other  place I
>been. You see plenty of s6's with HID's. Mike Murphy can probably testify
>to this. By the way Mike, I changed that damn left front control arm
>yesterday. I'd like to see this on last me the next semester.
>'84  5ksT 1.6-2.0 bar

All this talk makes me wonder if the confusion is regarding the difference
in projector and Xenon lights...

Projector headlamps were standard on Euro S4/S6 and in the A6 C4.  Xenon gas
discharge lamps were optional for the vehicles.  The apperances can be
deceiving, but the differences when comparing side-by-side are obvious when
lit.  As far as I know, the gas dicharge lights always come hand-in-hand
with automatic headlight height adjustment, as opposed to the manual
adjustment inside the cabin.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland
Pori, Finland