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Re: brake lines

Joe- I can't help on the crimping questions, but I can give you an idea on
where to get stainless steel brake lines. I have a 25' Grady White Sail Fish
with a Volvo Turbo&supercharged diesel that I trail around the East coast.
The rig weighs about 10K lbs so as you might expect I pay lots of attention
to the six sets of brakes on the trailer. After two years of cleaning rust, I
splurged and put all hot diped galvanized backing plates and ss hardware
including the brakelines. I can't recall the name of the outfit I sent off
to,but if you contact a local boat trailer place they will be able to supply
an 800 number. Good luck!

Frank Santoro
Kings ville Md.
1990 V8
1995 Dodge 4X4 with Cummins Diesel (tows Boat)
Life Is Good