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Re: fuses in 89 200qt

Dear Joe..thanks for the reply..I agree that the numbering from group A to group B 
leaves much to be desired in this fuse box. However the only group B fuses I have are 
fro Motor Diagnostics and Memory seats. Not only are the rest empty(no fuses) they are 
not even slotted to accept fuses. Somewhere in this car is a 5 amp fuse which controls 
my mirrors and instrument cluster. It is not in the fuse box. I even had the fuse box 
taken off to see if it was somehow inadvertantly jammed below. All fuses visible in the 
box are good. 

Any other suggestions?

Barry Doolan, Fletcher, VT

Joseph Yakubik wrote:
> >From: Barry Doolan <bdoolan@together.net>
> Subject: Instrument cluster fuse location on 89/200qt
> While adjusting my electric mirrors on my 1989 200tq, I blew the fuse.
> This fuse also controls the instrument cluster gauges. A quick look in
> the owners manual showed the location of this 5 amp fuse is in the
> fuse box under the hood (located in the "Group B" line adjacent to the
> Motor diagnostic switches). This is also confirmed by the layout shown
> on the inside cover of the fuse box. However, there is no fuse or a
> fuse slot located in this position! After taking out the drivers side
> dash cover, I could find no fuse next to the interior relays. Where is
> it? Since I bought this car used, I have no idea if this is an Audi
> fluke or a serious alteration by the previous owner...any ideas<
> Yes, stop believing what the owner's manual says and listen to us!
> Someone, somewhere, can't count or they forgot to add fuse position number
> 23 to the count.
> >From left to right in the fuse box you have fuses 1 through 21, then you
> jump up above this row to fuse number 22.  This is for an auxiliary fuel
> pump, or something on the diesels.  Then you shoot over to the lower left
> corner of the fuse box and start with position number 23, usually empty.
> The row of five holders (apparently you have a few singles) that is
> more/less centered starts, numerically, with 24.  These are the "group B"
> fuses.  Your empty slot is probably slot 25, for the memory seats, or slot
> 27 for the Motronic stuff on the '91.  The fuse you are looking should be
> the 5 amp that is all alone.  It doesn't hurt to pull them all out and
> check them periodically.  I do this with my oil changes -- really.