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Re: Pennsylvania Kicks ass

>        I heard on the radio last night that PA has outlawed left lane
>From now on, you can be pulled over for sitting in the left lane without
>passing. So to all of you (most likely not on the list) who like to sit in
>the left lane and set the pace that no one is allowed to beat. Screw you,
>and hopefully you can learn your lesson when the PA state trooper is
>writing you a ticket. 

About a month back, I was on I-82 between Yakima and Ellensburg in Central
Washington.  The weather was really bad, the road was very icy (kind of a kick
when the rear end of the Audi starts to come around, and you hit the gas to
correct it, I have studs all the way around BTW) and this state patrol pulls
in after me.  I let him pass me, and I pull in to the left lane behind him as
we pass slow cars on the hills.  It stayed this way for a while, and we had
one last semi to pass, and in front of the WaSP is an Explorer.  When we
finished passing the semi, I pulled into the right lane, a safe distance in
front of him, the Explorer didn't do it, on come the lights.  The guy got
nailed for not getting out of the left lane when the road ahead was clear, and
we were moving at the posted 70MPH speed.  I laughed pretty hard over that
one.  So there is one state patrol that knows the laws here in Washington.

I usually have to pass on the right as the left lane is so full and slow,
quite annoying.

John Eickerman
87 4kCSq