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No Subject

>Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 12:06:35 -0500
>From: John Stanton <jjs3rd@ix.netcom.com>
>Subject: Re: Pennsylvania Kicks ass
>George Achorn wrote:
>> Hi All,
>>         I heard on the radio last night that PA has outlawed left lane
>> >From now on, you can be pulled over for sitting in the left lane without
>> passing. So to all of you (most likely not on the list) who like to sit in
>> the left lane and set the pace that no one is allowed to beat. Screw you,
>> and hopefully you can learn your lesson when the PA state trooper is
>> writing you a ticket.
>>         Also a cool feature in PA, is the setting of no passing zones
>>prior to
>> construction. This is being tried and enforced on a section of I283 in
>> Lancaster county. The two lane goes to one in a construction area. Prior to
>> that, up the road there is a no passing zone, encouraging people to merge
>> miles before the single lane. And in the case of our friends who run up the
>> closing lane to the last moment, and getting all pissed off when someone
>> doesn't want to let them in (gee I wonder why), they frequently have state
>> troopers parked there, happy to pull you over if you have no manners and
>> love to butt in line.
>>         Later-G
>Connecticut already has the stay right except to pass law, although it
>does no good on I95.  Mostly because there are too many cars and the do
>good environmentalists wont hear of building more and larger roads.
>They would prefer to pack us like sardines into a smelly inconveinent
>train or bus.

Sorry, but IMO staying to the right except-to-pass has less to do with the
density of cars on the highway than with law enforcement (or lack of it). I
don't think the most frustrating and hazardous instances of left-lane
hogging occurs in bumper-to-bumper traffic jam situations. An LLL (left
lane lurker) law is most needed in the more common medium-density (even low
density) highway situations, where there is more than enough room for
anyone to find a space in the rightmost lanes if only they had sense enough
to do so.

And you would prefer what? Some "do-bad" environmentalists? Can we imagine
_no_ reasonable level at which to end the paving-over of our towns and
countryside? Funny that the trains and buses in many other (more densely
populated) parts of the civilized world are neither sardine-like, smelly,
nor inconvenient. And the people there still get to indulge their need
and/or urge to drive cars.


Phil Rose		Rochester, NY
'89 100			pjrose@servtech.com