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Re: Zenon lights on U.S. S6 (not)

Frank Amoroso asked:
>So does anyone know if North American '95.5 S6's came with H.I.D. Xenon
>headlights as standard equipment, or as an option, or only after a certain
>build date?

Hi folks,
I can't say, if any S6 for North America have Xenon headlights as standard
equipment or as option. In the Greman version, only the S6 4.2 have the
Xenon headlights as option. In the S6 with the 5 cylinder turbo engine they
weren't available in no time. (I've all Audi sales brochures for Germany)

One question I have:
Which S6 were imported to the U.S. or Cananda? Only the S6 with inline-5 or
also this one with the 4.2l V8-engine from the V8?

Stephan Kolaschnik
"Vorsprung durch Technik"

'87 Audi 100 CC 136HP , 150000 km