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Xenon lights/S6 & S4

On the subject of how the S6s got Xenon lights, maybe I shed some 
halide on this as one who has been trying to get a grey market V8 
S6 into the US for a couple of years. Every S6 was optioned by a 
dealer, including all the non US dealers. Accordingly when Audi 
put out their 96 spec, dealers all over the world signed up 
through their respective distribution arms.  AS we know, some 
countries' Audi orgs. did not or could not permit certain specs., 
but by and large what was offered in the homeland was available to 
Audi USA and its dealers. So some got those Xenon lights and some 
did not. I have the brochure material for the V8 S6 Plus, and it 
is an option along with a bunch of other stuff we could not get 

BTW I see the C&D says the S4 is definite for late/Fall 98. Audi 
USA is still denying it, but my contacts there say thats because 
it possibly does not carry the same Model designation in Audi USA 
even if it is eventually to be sold as an S4. It could be watered 
down/reduced output for the US to handle 87 octane fuel, less and 
inferior dealer maintenance on turbos, and clutch riders.

Just my 2 rupiahs worth...seriously devalued by the Asian flu.