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Re: Sources for braided oil lines - urq

GaidosIII wrote:
> Hi All and happy new year.
>  The other day one of the oil lines on my 85 urq blew off the oil
> cooler laying five quarts of oil all over my mom's driveway. The
> end connector which appears to preasure fit onto the oil cooler
> was cracked apart. I had a hose clamp with me and was able
> to get the car quickly repaired.
>  Are these oil lines factory replacement only or is there alternate
> sources? I should replace them.
> Thanks
> Anton

I just purchased a set from AM Cars in England. They were built to exact 
spec and I paid 80 pounds for them which adds up to $140 US. I was 
visiting in UK at the time so I didn't have to pay shipping. Otherwise 
you get Aeroquipe or Eral' plumbing catalog and go to work. Last time I 
added all the required parts it was $240 plus my assembly which is not 
too difficult but requires a vise and some tools. Any race shop can 
assemble them for you. I also like to use orange protective sleve by 
Longacre or Aeroquipe to protect braded hoses from each other and 
everything around them.
I don't even know the cost of OEM, but I think it is much more expensive.
Let me know if you want AM Cars number.

Mike Z