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RE: Volumes and Compression Ratios: Numbers needed...

I stand corrected, and am making a trip to the eye doctor soon...
obviously my eyes need to be recalibrated, as does my butt ;-)

I took the heads, (2 MC, 1 JT) of the shelves, got out the syringe
and measured the cc for both chambers.  30cc for both style

There was a thread asking if a 4kq head would work with an MC
code block (i.e. for 4ktq conversions) allowing the use of the
vacuum pump.  It appears that this will work.  Also recommended
to swap to the sodium filled valves at that time.  As I now find
myself doing this, I'll post up a BTDT in the near future, and after
the motor has some miles on it as well....

Scott, Bruce thanks for the second opinions\confirmations!!


oh yeah, apologies if this comes with MIME... damn Microsoft...
damn company policies...