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Re: totaled S4??

With all this discussion about S4 transmissions I queried the two local
dealerships about the replace vs. repair situation.  Comments from both were
that Audi would not sell the dealers the necessary tools or parts to repair
the transmissions.

This apparently changed a little while back (how long - couldn't get a
consistent answer to that one, but sounds like mid - to late 96).  At least
one dealer told me that they had purchased the tools necessary to tear down
and repair the transmission, the specific investment for the dealership was
claimed to be ~ $4K.

The only caution here is that this is the same pair of dealers that claim to
have no real history of S car transmission problems.  Since I don't have
access to their maintenance logs I can only take their word for it, and add
the appropriate amount of skepticism.

I do NOT believe the $14K cost to replace the transmission though, unless
there was a substantial amount of colateral damage that needed to be repaired
at the same time.

I also would question the selling price.  $28K is about what a '92 with 46K
miles was going for in September, '95 - with no accident damage.

Bill Fuson