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Snow in Seattle (kinda long, sorry)

Well, Kent is a bit south of Seattle, actually.

I got up this morning, cold (26deg F), snow in the forcast, but well south
of us, so took my usual commuter car (quattro is my wife's) and went to
church. An hour and a half later, 3+ inches of snow down. hmmmm, never
driven the 924 in snow before, get to see how it does. Short answer: it
doesn't, at least not on these tires. Got partially up the hill going home,
but traffic dictated that no, parking here on the side of the road is a
good idea. Call the wife, ask her to bring the chains down to me so I can
get up the hill. Spend the time between that call and her arrival pushing
other cars away so they don't hit me - several got waaay too close. Wife
and friend arrive, had to park about 1/3 mile away, traffic keeping them
from getting any closer. Get the chains on, drive a few yards, tighten
chains again, say thanks, and I'm finally moving again. I did get home
before the quattro, but she said she had to "demonstrate" to our friend why
a quattro is the choice for this kind of weather. I got to drive the Q
later in the afternoon, no slip, no skid, no drama, 'cept for looking out
for others seeking to mar my sheet-metal. Incredible.

Moral: gotta get me that 4000quattro.
sorry bout the length, but I kinda figured y'all might understand...

'79 Porsche 924 (parked with chains on, sulking)
'86 5000tqw ("oh, are the roads slick? hadn't noticed..")
kent, wa
Liz Arbaugh