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Re: brake lines

At 03:12 PM 1/11/98 GMT, you wrote:
>In message <199801110732_MC2-2EE6-4193@compuserve.com> Joseph Yakubik writes:
>> Here's my question:  Do the brake repair specialist shops have some sort
> of
>> crimping tool that replaces the "nipple" on the copper line?  Logic
>> suggests yes.  I think I would have to cut the last 3 mm off of the
coppe> r
>> line, replace the connector, then have it re-crimped(or re-formed,
>> whatever).
>I don't know what the US name is, but I call it a flaring tool.  Buy a
good one 
>- the cheap ones are rubbish.  
> Phil Payne

We in USA call it a flaring tool also...make sure you get one that is
capable of double-flaring, not just single-flaring (brake lines are
double-flared).  And definitely get a nice one....you'll have to practice a
few times to get it right anyway, and the cheap ones can be frustrating.
I've used them for years (along w/a bender) to custom create brake lines
for my old 60's cars that no one makes new brake/tranny lines

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