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New Citibank Driver's Edge Program

Hi All,
	I have some credit card info you all may be interested in. In the past I
have been with two card programs. My VW MBNA card was earning me 5% off a
new VW, but that'll be over in June. The program benefits of 5% have been
cancelled. I also have been on a program with Citbank called Driver's Edge.
In the past it was earning me 5% credit off of any gas I bought, deducted
off of my next bill. Sound too good to be true? It was and the program was
changed as of 1/1/98. I now no longer get the 5%.
	I just recently got a letter from Citibank that told me the new Driver's
Edge program. The card now earns 2% off of ANY new car. Yup that's right,
you want a new VW, or Audi, how about a Kia? It doesn't matter. When you
buy a car, you send them proof of purchase (two forms explained in the
program description) and they send you a check for your points. SO, that
means it can work on top of the VW MBNA program. 
	I've decided to keep my Driver's Edge Card.

PS I do not work for Citibank, and am just passing on info. If you want
more info try contacting them, as I do not know their sales/customer
service number. The program had been closed to new members, but I believe
the new program is open to all applicable.