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Re: Weak Cruise Control

           Make sure that the rubber diaphram for the cruise is holding the
vacuum. Follow the cruise linkage up to the diaphram.. disconnect the
rubber hose, push the diaphram in.. apply finger to seal off opening and
see if the diaphram has a hard time holding the vacuum. 
           Just my first guess. Then again, I have no right even guessing
since I haven't had the time or the money to fix my Cruise control, even
though Al Powell sent me explicit diagrams on how to diagnose it. 
This explains the current rath of the Audi Gods. 

Shane wrote:
> There seems to be a great variation on the cruise control on my '86
4kcsq.  It
> seems to have difficulty depressing the accelerator.  If I use my foot
> "help" it, it works better.  Any suggestions here?
> Thanks,   Shane