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CCC article and video footage.

Dear List,

If anyone can get their hands on a copy of this months Cars and Car Conversions
then there is an article on the outgoing BTTC A4 and its fwd replacement. There
is also a retrospective feature on motorsport quattro's of times past including
a hazy photograph of the group s mid engined quattro. The scary thing is that 
apparently this year is the first in over ten that Audi Sport has not fielded
a competitive quattro?? The article also mentions a video clip of a driver
called Rovenpera (ish, I cannot quite remember who the driver was as I read it 
only briefly last night). It is a sequence shot both from in car and helicopter
to a bit of classical music and rated by CCC as some of the finest footage of 
its kind, with several shots of feet dancing on pedals. Does this ring a bell 
with anyone out there as I would like to try and get my hands on a copy.