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Euro listers - driving tips

Have a 12 day business/pleasure trip on the 15th that will take me from:

Stuttgart DE to Stans CH (near Luzern),
Stans to Megeve FR (Albertville area) then return on reverse route.

If Avis keeps their promise (ha), I'll have an A4  (FWD) waiting at
airport, but assume they won't and I'll be driving some EuroGM thing.

1.  If A4 is not available, what kind of sh*t boxes should I avoid at
2.  Any driving customs, pointers, "no-nos'" would be appreciated
     yield rules, right turns on red, and Euro mountain driving
etiquette etc?

Unless there's benefit to the list, please respond to : mmurphy@nais.com

I'm going off the list Thursday AM.

MJ Murphy
89 100
getting closer on A4 price (now I know why they put the $ on Shift+4 key
on US keyboards)