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Volumes and Compression Ratios: Numbers needed...

In message <00BF1F2FEDFED011A27D00805F91E3C28C94@ABK-NT01> "Hare,Stott (X)" writes:

> oh yeah, apologies if this comes with MIME... damn Microsoft...
> damn company policies...

It did - some _13K_ _OF_ _IT_.  Your untrimmed repost didn't help, either.

I might comment that Microsoft's idea of HTML is ludicrous -

> <BR><FONT COLOR="#000000" SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">Thanks all!</FONT>
> <BR><FONT COLOR="#000000" SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">-Stott</FONT>

120 bytes of garbage wrapped around 17 bytes of email - all of ot to needlessly 
duplicate what was in the initial ASCII section.  If your company regularly 
sends this sort of stuff out, I would suggest that your corporate IT people 
need to get a grip.

On a more useful note - all of the Audi engine microfiche I have says that 
heads with small cracks can safely be re-used without worry.  
         Zylinderkoepfe mit Rissen zwischen den Ventilsitzen bzw.
         zwischen Ventilsitzring und Zuendkerzengewinde koennen
         ohne herabsetzen der Lebensdauer weiterverwendet werden,
         wenn es sich um leichte, max. 0.5mm breite Anrisse
         handelt oder wenn nur die ersten Gaenge des
         Zuendkerzengewindes gerissen sind." 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club