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Re: Fluke 83 vs Sunpro 7678

On 11 Jan, four.rings@MCIONE.com wrote:

> Dave C. wrote:
>> On Feb 23, 1997, Scott J wrote,
>> "...SunPro 7678 can be used for 90% of Audi diagnostics."
>> Audi recommends the Fluke 83 as the preferred Multimeter.
>> The SunPro 7678 costs about +/- $100, vs, $250 for the Fluke 83.
>> What are the 10% of Audi diagnostics the Fluke will do that SunPro won't?
>> I'm about to buy Sunpro but don't want to end up later owning one of each.

  Can't speak about the SunPro, but I've a Fluke 77, which over 10 years
  old, and is still in perfect working condition, despite being
  subjected to inadvertent abuse.  (Like falling off of six-feet-plus
  ladders onto hardwood floors).  It's never missed a beat.