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Passing laws, was - Re: Pennsylvania Kicks ass

FWIW - I think most states have some kind of "lane discipline" law on the
books that means that you are supposed to stay right unless you are
passing.  They are just not inforced - at all.  Every once in a while
you'll see evidnece of this with a "stay right except to pass" or "left
lane passing only" sign, or a sign that shows the multiple lanes in a
graphic that says "travel" for the right lanes and "passing" for the left
one.  I am guessing that with the 55mph speed limits for so many years,
everyone forgot what those things meant.  now that we have (more)
reasonable speed limits and larger speed differential, it would be nice if
everyone would remember again...

Spent two weeks in S. Germany once - now THEY have lane discipline!  What a
wonderful place for the driving enthusiast!  I felt safer at 112mph (all
the MB 190 could muster) than at 60 here in the states.


>In a message dated 98-01-10 12:44:29 EST, coolidge@tidalwave.net writes:
><< 	I heard on the radio last night that PA has outlawed left lane lurkers.
> From now on, you can be pulled over for sitting in the left lane without
> passing. So to all of you (most likely not on the list) who like to sit in
> the left lane and set the pace that no one is allowed to beat. Screw you,
> and hopefully you can learn your lesson when the PA state trooper is
> writing you a ticket.  >>
>   After driving in the north east of Spain, for three months this summer, my
>little "wish I had my QUATTRO" 97 1.4 Megane. I didnt see no police in all my
>driving, but didn't see not one idiot on the left lane or in the pasing lanes.
>I was able to drive the Megane with its 70hp 150 to 200, depending on the
>inclination of the roads, through all of spain without having to slow down
>cause some idiot is hanging in the passing lane, like would happend here in
>NJ, just going around the block.
>   I once saw a guy crusing in the left lane, the car that was behind him
>almost ate him up alive. I think its not only a law its cortesy to other
>Got to love EUROPA
>89 200Tq

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