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RE: Lets hear some juicy tidbits...

I've got a 84 4KQ road race project car underway now.

So far: Koni Sports, all new wheel bearings, control
arm bushings, anti-rollbar bushings, gutted A/C,
gutted interior, relocated battery, 2 1/2" cat-bak exh,
open SS 2 1/2" SuperTrapp, 15x7 OZ wheels, new
brakes (stock right now except for MM pads [yeah I know....])

Next: install SafetyDevices cage, racing seat,
harnesses and window net, mid-80s factory works-type
paint job, race-prepped head, intake, EM and header,
custom cam, BFG Comp T/A R1s in 205-50-15 230
compound, replace pwr windows & sunroof w/winders

Future: stress bar, adjustable coil-overs, adjustable
hollow anti-rollbars, increased displacement via new
high compression pistons, B&B, etc, big brakes w/
carbon pads

Open to any and all suggestions especially on adding lightness!