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Type 44, OneLap, Challenge

Hello everybody, my name is Triston Harlington and I am a long time 
"lurker". Since 91' or so, but no more, I have finally subscribed to 
my addiction; "THE LIST". Some of you I have conversed with in the past
so you might recognize my name.

Any way, on to the subject, Iam planning on running the "Onelap of
America" this year in an Audi quattro Type44 chassis. 

You can check out the web page at http://weber.u.washington.edu/~quattro

The web page is kinda of "In progress" so be warned!

The name of the team is "The Type44, OneLap of America, Challenge".
My Original idea was to commemorate the Ten year anniversary of the
Audi TransAm Driver/Constructor title, won in 1988! Convincing Audi 
of that is another problem entirely, so the Audi sponsor sections
are just a pipe dream so far!

Thanks, Triston Harlington
        Type44, OneLap, Challenge

PS I work a night shift in a trauma center, so I get to 
   the list/mail sporadically!