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Re: Carlisle Import Replicar Nationals

Good chance I might go.... I have a friend who is going to look for some
old brit cars he can play around with.. sounds like a good time.. I hear
you need a whole weekend to see the show...

any other NE people interested?? should be GROOVY BABY!!!



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Subject:  Carlisle Import Replicar Nationals

Hi All,
     I just got a pack of flyers for the Carlisle Import Kit/Replicar
Nationals. This is a show in south central PA, near Harrisburg, and just
off of the PA turnpike. The dates are May 8-10 (It's a whole weekend!). The
show is located at the Carlisle Fairgrounds and it consists of an Import
Swap Meet Area, Specialty Car Manufacturers area, Import and Kit Car Corral
(cars for sale), Import and Specialty Car Show Fields, Seminars, Saturday
Evening Cruise, Club Gatherings, Sunday Autocross, and a Custom Compact
Power Jam.
     Basically there are two stages of the show. To show on the main ground
costs only $5 and this gets you and a guest into the show all weekend, a
spot on the showground, a goody bag with some magazines and stuff in it,
and a bunch of tickets for the car giveaway on Sunday. It costs $5 to get
in for one adult for one day, so showing your car is kind of cheap in
comparison, and camping is FREE. So it can be a cheap weekend if you want
it to.
     The Power Jam is a judged show more like Waterfest. Unfortunately it
open to all compact cars (including Hondas), and pre registration is $20,
winners get trophys and I think prizes but you need to check with them on
specifics. What is cool about this setup is that the hardcore modifiers can
show in power jam, and the people in daily drivers can show on the show
field, so if you want to show, but you just don't spend that kind of money
on your car, you still can.
     The car being given away on Sunday this year is a 1969 Austin Healey
Sprite Mark IV. This car is given away at 4PM on Sunday, and most people do
not stick around, so chances of winning it get alot better towards 4PM.
     Other features of the show include a free washing area, movies being
in the evenings for campers, an Autocross (done by Grassroots Motorsports
last year ) costing $15, and tents for clubs with 25 pre-registrants.
     The show is about 2 hours away from Washington due north, about 2.5
west of Philadelphia due west, and about 5 hours away from NYC via 81south
or the PA turnpike. Last year was cool. VW Sport was there in force, as was
Strictly Foreign. I was surprised EIP did not show as the show is only
about 1.5 hours from them (almost the closest tuner), hopefully they will
show this year. You guys who are in well with them ought to plug the show,
as seeing some of those turbo cars would be awesome. There was a high
mileage red Ur-Quattro at the Corral for sale, wish I had the cash, as was
a black Beck Porsche 356 Speedster Replica with black leather and type 4
engine at $20,000 I was drooling.
     If you want, contact Carlisle Productions for preregistration or a
at (717)243-7855 or visit their website at http://www.carpro.com .
     Also, if you are in or know any other VW, Audi, Porsche, or BMW
pass along the info. Outnumbering the Hondas etc would be a very cool
thing. Later-G
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