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Re:fixing a deng (ding) -Reply

>>> Isaku Higa <ihiga@concentric.net> - 1/12/98 9:00 AM >>>
someone bang his/her door to my new Audi
A4 (Avant , quattro) :-<.  
Before I do anything (or not to do anything) would someone be able to
suggest what I should do?

Ahh, the new car Ding Patrol is out in force this month.
(1)  I have had extremely good luck with the roving Dent Masters/
etc... services.
(2)  Tends to cost from $50~$80 for the first ding and in the four
instances the service has been used I have been extremely happy with
the work.
(3)  Caveat:
I have used three different places.  One was a _chain_ or 
_franchise_ called Dent Masters?  They have an 800#, but I don't know
it off-hand.  Others seem to be more _independent_ type places.  Each
service is similar, but I guess you can never know what you're going
to get.  The Dent Masters guy used some suction device to remove the
dent.  AND this worked perfectly....except that the guy also had to
use his hand to lever gainst the car while pulling, so now there's an
(extremely) minor body flaw where his hand was.  Indiscernable from
anywhere except looking straight down the line from the rear with
_correct_lighting.  Other services remove the door panels and use
rounded levers to _push_ the dings out.  Still very good results IME.
(4)  The dent sucks, but it happened.  Now call one of these places
and get it fixed.  It costs a liitle bit, but will be much cheaper
than a body shop.
(5)  Many of us have found that Zymol removes (feathers) minor
scratches pretty well.  Give it a go both before the dent is removed
(to add wax protection from external dent removal) and after to go
back over it.  

Good Luck, 
Derek Daily
86 VW qsw...many dings
90 CQ..a couple more added right after purchase...dontcha love it