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Amazon.com, was Maximum boost

> "Linda B.Guillis" <whimsy@earthlink.net>
>Subject: Re: Maximum Boost
>> I suppose I should also get a copy of Corky Bell's book. Amazon has
>> it for $34.95; any pointers on a better price?
>	Amazon buys books and sells them to folks 
>with a markup.   Sometimes a very big markup.
>Two of the places on line that Amazon buys from are:
>		interloc.com
>		abebooks.com
>	These are open-to-anyone book sale sites.   There
>are others the general public can use.   There are also member-
>only book sale systems.   For those you need a member to do
>the search.   

Amazon does buy books and mark them up - but they buy them at a discount
and mark them up somewhat - they do need to make some profit - they lost
what, 1.5 MM USD last year or last quarter? I give them a 20% discount on
what they buy from me.

Mandatory Audi content - went to Orlando saturday and Lakeland sunday, saw
my exact car on I-drive, same color, year, model, got a huge smile from the
owner. Life can be good - put 350+ miles on, highway driving, sunroof open,
nothing broke, with the woman who loves me (my wife) in attendance. Also
went to "high-roller" shindig, parking lot was full of rental cars, the 86
5Ks was the nicest car there!

We've been right all along!!!!!!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman