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q events (or related) in EC dieses Sommer

Perhaps this may help me draw some more info.
Wife is pleading to travel this sommer, so I would like to plan on a
minimum of one q-related event while around.  Current plan is to
include Germany and England as definites, others depend on events,
friends, etc...

This is the only data my small mind recalls (nur GB), please make
additons / corrections:


Goodwin....? June 14-15
 - Not likely for us.  ETD USA is after mid-June

_The Other BIg GB event referring to Audi UK as cheap and
disorganised that I can't recall the name of_ July ~24-26
 - More likely as a possibility.  ETD EC is end of Juli.

Chatsworth?  August ?
 - Again too late for us, but only wondering about correct dates.

Perhaps someone can point me to a site with european rally schedules,

Looking for any ideas at all>>>show me the way>>>land-lubber yankees,
live vicariously through our trip

Yes, Ingolstadt is one of the reasons GER is a must ;-).  And NO I'm
not upset in the least to learn of a new Audi museum coming only a
couple years later..-grrrrrrrr

Derek Daily
86 VW qsw
90 CQ