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Re: major ice storm NH, USA

yeah, just remember when you're playing around in the snow and ice that
4 x 0 = 0

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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>From: Jeremiah Kristal <jeremiah@pirate.bbi.com>
>had the fun of driving right through the affected areas on Friday night
>(never let an ice-storm get in the way of a snowboarding weekend) and was
>amazed at how well my new A4 handled it.  The only way I could get it to
>even break loose was by applying the handbrake.  Did have a great time
>playing rally driver on the snow/ice covered roads of northern Vermont.  
>I do have one question though, while trying to follow the rather poor
>directions to Jay Peak given to me by a friendly Vermont State Trooper, I
>had to make a couple U-turns.  On one of them, when I hit an especially
>slick patch, there was a soft "clunk" coming from what I assume was the
>rear differential as the power was re-distributed.  Please tell me this is
>normal.  I would hate to have problems with my new baby.
>98 A4Q 2.8