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Euro driving Re: Pennsylvania Kicks ass

I'm with ya on that one. The Americans need to learn how to drive. I 
spent a combined month in Europe this year and was thrilled with the 
driving experience. They have much more responsibility and discipline 
when driving even at the high speeds. I spent two of the weeks driving 
on the autobahn and autostrada(Italy) daily and saw extreme speeds 
everwhere I went. But the use of these speeds was very controlled and 
you didn't see some punk in an M3 doing 150mph in and out of traffic. 
These speeds were obtained in the left lane only and not during full 
rush hour. I klnow some of you will say that not everyone there drives 
this way, which is true, but the overall consensus for safer driving was 
more apparent. I can't wait to go back again and drive something a 
little better than a rental VW van.
Chris Hlubb
98 A4 2.8Q

>FWIW - I think most states have some kind of "lane discipline" law on 
>books that means that you are supposed to stay right unless you are
>passing.  They are just not inforced - at all.  Every once in a while
>you'll see evidnece of this with a "stay right except to pass" or "left
>lane passing only" sign, or a sign that shows the multiple lanes in a
>graphic that says "travel" for the right lanes and "passing" for the 
>one.  I am guessing that with the 55mph speed limits for so many years,
>everyone forgot what those things meant.  now that we have (more)
>reasonable speed limits and larger speed differential, it would be nice 
>everyone would remember again...
>Spent two weeks in S. Germany once - now THEY have lane discipline!  
What a
>wonderful place for the driving enthusiast!  I felt safer at 112mph 
>the MB 190 could muster) than at 60 here in the states.

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