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RE: Re:RE:_RE:_Switching_from_the_k24_to_the_k26_on_the_dual_knockmotor

Yes, I believe that the one major advantage of the K26 Vs K24 is that the K26 would
supply more volume at a given boost pressure. I upped the displacement of the KUQEFH
from 2.1 to 2.3, but the K24 still has far better top-end with the new cam and
2-piece EM Vs with the K26 and stock cam and EM. If I want to go over the 14-15
PSI boost I am running now I might really need a larger/hybrid turbo and this is
planned for testing.


As for what i've learned at this list, the k26 delivers more volume at than the k24.
And being bigger means longer spool-up time, but a k26 put on an engine with larger displacement (that means more cc's doesn't it ?) would equal things out a little.

Wouldn't it ?

'87 200 tq