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Re: QSW/4000Q: Interference or not?

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From: Jim Griffin <JGriff@pobox.com>
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Date: 12 January 1998 04:05
Subject: QSW/4000Q: Interference or not?

>I've just found out that the timing belt has not yet been changed. The
>car is now at 95k miles. Am I doomed for disaster real soon?
Change it Change it Change it

>still drive it, and just be inconvenienced if it snaps (i.e. just stop
>dead in its tracks, which is bad enough, but not bend valves, chew up
>the heads etc...).
Even on non-interference engines if the belt lets go at speed it can do a
lot of damage. Back in october I was shown a (Honda) engine which had lost
its belt at over 6000rpm - no damage to the valve train but the state of the
front of the engine and the surrounding engine compartment was a real
eye-opener. The belt had destroyed the timing belt cover, cut a chunk out of
the engine block and dented the bonnet so much that it had to be replaced.
All the garage had to do was put on a new belt, adjust the timing  and the
engine ran again - the bill for the full job bonnet and all was over 2000GBP

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro