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RE: Differences S6 vs. 1995.5

> Date: Fri, 09 Jan 1998 17:26:22 -0500
> From: HaleyD@YANKELOVICH.COM (Haley, Doug)
> Subject: Differences  S6 vs 1995.5
> Frank Amoroso asked:
> >So does anyone know if North American '95.5 S6's came with H.I.D.
> Xenon
> >headlights as standard equipment, or as an option, or only after a
> certain
> >build date?
> Frank, Let me start by saying I don't really know the answer to your
> question.
> I drove an S6 with Xenons in February 1996, shortly before I bought my
> S4.
> It was my impression that the Xenons were newly available in cars
> built in
> 1996 but called 1995.5 for legal reasons (e.g. OBD-II).  The only
> other
> differences I observed were the EDL switch rather than the console
> diff
> locking swich and the rear headrests.  I think Ed Spire posted that
> his
> "UBERWGN" does have the Xenon's.  (Ed are you still around?)
> I am still out here.  How can I tell for sure?  The lights on the mein
> UBERWGN are very bright and a bit unusual, which is why I said at
> first they must be the xenon ones, but then I drove a friend's SL600
> that had what he called "torch" lights that were really amazingly
> bright.
> BTW I just moved from Chicago to Houston.  Chicago had a pretty active
> quattro club chapter, any thing much happening in the Houston area
> that anybody knows about?