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Re: ATE powerdisc

At 7:04 PM -0500 1/12/98, turbo wrote:
>Chris Maresca wrote:
>> Just FYI
>> I have Brembo cross-drilled rotors on my CQ.  They were cheaper than
>> powerdiscs, and some people have reported cracking on the ATE hardware.
>> I also have KVR Carbon Fiber pads.  Highly recomended, almost no dust,
>> incredible braking.
>> I also have stainless steel lines from KVR.  In fact, I bought everything
>> there ;-).
>> Chris
>	Any idea where one could obtain some of theese brake pads?

Yeah, KVR Performance in Ottowa, CA (1-800-636-0854).  They were expensive
($150 for fronts and $52 for rears) but after +/-2000 miles, still little
or no dust, and none visible in the last 1500 miles, or so.