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Re: Who needs them? I'd rather downshift! (93 90CS brakes)

Just got a price of $225 for pads and rotors all around--jumped on it. 
I wanted to go to the dealer to laugh in their face, but I restrained

That tool looks like the only snag, I'll look into what you said.  Too
bad I don't know what the thing I need looks like, it would definitely



Chris Maresca wrote:
> At 2:31 PM -0500 1/8/98, Elliott Potter wrote:
> >Just stopped off at my friendly Audi dealer to pick up pads/rotors/etc
> >for the job.
> >
> >First off, they won't sell the tool for screwing in the rear pistons,
> >3272.  Does anyone know who sells this?
> >
> >Oh yea, also they're charging over $150 EACH for rear rotors and over
> >$200 EACH for the fronts.  ("OK, pads and rotors front and back, that
> >will be $830."  "Gasp wheeze gasp choke... huh?")
> >
> >Looks like I'll be calling around a bit now!  Yecch!
> >
> >Elliott
> Elliot,
> I know, did the same thing, almost died right there on the spot when they
> told me how much.  I called around and settled from Brembo cross-drilled
> rotors from KVR, $228 for a front set and $164 for rears.  I also got KVR
> carbon fiber pads for $150 (fronts) (wheee...;-) and $52 (rears).
> For Audi parts, nothing beats mail order...  I used Blau (calipers,
> waterpump), GPR (radiators, hoses) & KVR (rotors, pads, SS lines).
> Cut my parts bill in 1/2, got better parts.  Moral: shop around.
> Chris.
> '90 CQ
> '87 RX7 TII
> PS, the tool is similar to a Ford tool of same design.  Available at Napa,
> needs to be filed slightly, if I remember.  There was a discussion about
> this somewhere lately...


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