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Cabin Fever - q rights content only--smile darn it!

As my close friends would tell you, a very close second to my love of
courtroom is my absolute fascination with the human condition. 
People, and
what they do, are not only usually ironic, but often times damn*d

Take this thread.  The genisis is brother Phil complaining about
bandwidth, which he certainly has a right to do [although it can be

Phil then tells a story online about drinking, driving and maybe some
dancing [great joke here, nah, better not].  Eric then sends it, 
with a sharp note, back to him.  [Phil has paid
twice now]  

Phil then posts the private note to the list [paying x 3] with a note
the list to, in essence, let him know what people think.  The thread
goes on
[paying x 20?]   Amusing?  Shoot, this is some of the best material 
so far in '98!  The bytes just keep on coming.

Now, to QSHIPQ's grassy knoll, er, "Guilty by Conspiracy" theory.  
More sweet stuff.  Reminds me of a guy that wanted me to sue the owner
of a trailer park [perched on the flood-side of the Wabash river]
the place looked like hell [this guy did Harley repair work in a
against his trailer].  HELLO?

Rights? You have the right to have fun, smile and laugh.  You have the
to say what you like, using manners of course.  
 You have the right to return a caught right jab with a stiff left
cross.  No questions asked.  Be forewarned though, if you cannot catch
what ye throw, or want to whine about the one thrown a little too
hard, perhaps you should keep that dandy seat there on the sofa and 
enjoy your ginger snaps.  Things can get rough on the dance-floor.

Have fun boys [and girls]!  Life is what you make it.