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Re: Help : suspension "clang" on UrQ

ptimmerm@mashtun.JPL.NASA.GOV wrote:
> I think this is the problem that eric Fluhr's mechanic
> figured out.  It was elongated holes  in the subframe
> bushing mounting holes.  You should be able to get a
> wiggle out of the subframe with it up on a jackstand.
> Also check the top end of the strut for wiggles too.
> The strut bearing at the top is notorious.
> paul timmerman

It may also be a failed subframe rubber bushing which can also found using the same test 
- car supported from shell with wheels and suspension hanging - one person pulls/pushes 
wheel whilst second person looks for movement. This was the case with my Coupe.

Alan Pemberton
'82 Coupe
'85 Urq