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Subject: Jealous of new A4Q

I am contemplating an A4 Avant q for the wife, I want the sports suspension,
but I'm curious if the car has enough ground clearance for those days when
the snow piles up a bit? Any BTDT's? SP8000's and snow, is that a very good
mix? My RE71's + ice made for a slippery day. Remedied it with studded
Gislaveds though.

In the world of "my parking lot is bigger than yours," I think I have you
beat with 2 S4 sedans, 2 S6 Avants, 1 4000 csq, and a C4 to make it
I went and drooled over the car and it's
equipped with the Sport Suspension, Dunlop SP8000's, Sport Steering
Wheel, etc.  I had not seen one of these with sport suspension before
and it is noticeably lower.  After some nice snow storms this weekend,
we have another Q-believer.  He just couldn't stop remarking with how
impressed he is with the car.  In the meantime, jealousy has set in for
me ;-).  That puts us up to 5 Q's and one iX in the company I work
for...not bad!