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Bandwidth - I'm smilin'! :-)

On Mon, 12 Jan 1998, BRUCE wrote:

> Take this thread.  The genisis is brother Phil complaining about
> wasted
> bandwidth, which he certainly has a right to do [although it can be
> annoying].

Hmmm, I have ignored most of this thread since I have very little time to 
read email these dyas.   However, it seems ironic to me that Phil 
is complaining about wasted bandwidth when he is one of the most prolific 
writers on the list!  :-)  I'm not saying that what he writes is wasted, 
just that given the huge volume of his posts, a few "wasted" posts here 
and there shouldn't be so annoying as to cause a conipshun on Phil's part.

> what ye throw, or want to whine about the one thrown a little too
> hard, perhaps you should keep that dandy seat there on the sofa and 
> enjoy your ginger snaps.  Things can get rough on the dance-floor.

Ah yes, I'll keep the ginger snaps thank you very much, or even better, 
the macadamia nut/white chocolate chunk cookies that my wife made for 
me...   mmmmmmmm good!   Her chocolate chip cookies are pretty good too, 
right Brendan?

Graydon D. Stuckey