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Yo, Thomas, about those Colorado drivers.

<< tturse@ps-b.com (Thomas Turse) 

<<I was raised and lived in PA for most of my life and I drove very
frequently on the turnpike and I80 and I81 and let me tell you- for the
most part people know how to drive i.e. merge, passing, general driving
etiquette, etc..  Out here (Denver, CO and surrounding areas) people are
seriously lacking in these basic skills. >>

You mean like the stupid shit in the Lexus last Saturday night.  I was running
about 70, he passed me and slowed down three times.  As he was passing the
third time he blocked me in behind another car, I pulled out (with a turn
signal), pulled around the car I was trapped behind, back to the right lane
(with a signal, again), and as I'm moving right S.S. whips his rice burned
back to the right lane and slams on the brakes!  Which action calls for more
turn signals, a move back to the left lane, foot down to increase speed by an
exceptional amount to make an exit.  So, of course, S.S. MOVES BACK to the
left lane, hits the brights and stays with the rental car.

Or maybe you mean one of several cars I saw dart across four lanes from the
far left side of the interstate to Exit 201 (Hampden road) to pull in front of
other cars so they could exit the interstate?  I know I saw this four times in
the few days we were there.

Or do you mean the ones who were constantly changing lanes, apparently just
for the sake of changing lanes?

Or possibly the ones who would slowly pull into Hampden Road in the right
lane, then dart immediately to the far left lane so they could run 5-10 m/h
under the posted limit?

But then again, was it the folk who would jump into the "safety gap" that I
left in front of me -- just so they could slow down?

Or was it.......

Let's just say I understand your comments very well.

Still Confused in Bucksnort.