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re: xenon lights

i ordered my 911 targa with xenon lights.  the daylight color temperature
is fantastic in the dry, yet somehow not as satisfying in the rain.

i prefer my low tech 80W DOT-relay-harness setup on the v8 for wet road
illumination.  i've seen some other post on the newsgroup talking about
shorter wavelength dispersion and stuff like that.  i tend to agree that
the warmer color of tungsten bulbs suits me better in the wet...

bottom line:  low tech tungsten-halogen bulbs work better for me in the
rain than the high tech xenon stuff.  in the dry i prefer the xenon's
steely glare, but other drivers hate it and flash me frequently.. yet
nothing's wrong with the aim as it is no different from my audi and i
never get flashed in the audi even with 80W bulbs. 

besides the projector lens ensures that the cutoff is clean too.. i think
it is just too bright for people's liking.  there's nothing i can do if
it's legal.  changing the aim to shorten its range would make it dangerous
for me as it's already not terribly extended in its range.

and the regular tungsten-halogen high beams are a meek joke compared to
the xenon low beams.. 

and i've been told that projector systems are not very tolerant of higher
wattage bulb (tungsten) upgrades.  is that true?