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Re: Airbox Mod

The airbox mod you describe(drilling holes) has been around for sometime
Some will swear it works, others claim "no gains" from such a mod!

When performing such a "mod" one must give consideration of the specific
vehicle on which it is to be performed, along with driving conditions, and
area of the country you live in!(Rain-dirt)

Also consider what works on a VW, may not perform on an Audi!

There is a better solution for modifying the airbox from Jamex!
Its a completely filtered lower half of airbox. They've taken the lower
half of the airbox, and turned it into one foam filter!  Where "all" sides
are now open to air.  Its been available for a few years now, but,
not too many have been sold.......

On a "stock" & "naturally aspirated" engines the airbox mod of
drilling holes, yields "no gains" for Audi!

However if you "modify" the Audi engine, and improve its "air
with head work, cam, exhaust,etc..., then modifying the airbox, will often
"aid" in allowing the "modified" engine to get enough air!

The one obstacle with most non turbo Audi & VW's, is the "biggest
in the intake system is the throttlebody!

Turbo's haven't a problem, since their "force-fed" all their air!

What you can do to "test out the theory" is remove the
lower airbox assembly!   Attach the filter to the upper half, or
install the internal intake boot screen wire mesh filter.
Then take a test drive around the block,or track, to see if you feel
any difference!

Sure this may sound radical, but sometimes its the only way
to "find out for yourself".

On me own 86 Coupe GT airbox I have a 3 inch ducting going from
the front lower grill to the airbox.  Also my "airbox thermostat" has been

Does it work?  It definitely doesn't hurt!  Especially with the
ported & polished "big-valve" head, cam, exhaust, and 83mm pistons I have!

I just cant drive through large water puddles!