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A4 climate control gripes

after almost 2 months with the '98 A4 avant, the climate control
is the most gripes i have. on a cold and rainy day, the A/C refuses
to turn on (the A4 manual doesn't say so, but the A6's says that
the A/C won't operate below 34-F). so the windows get fogged up.
no amount of defrosting is good/fast enough to defog them.
turning on the A/C on a rainy day is the most effective way
to-date that i know of to keep the windows from fogging up.

the same problem comes up when i drive past a dead skunk and
i can't recirculate the air in the cabin since the AC won't
come up (again, on a cold day). so i'd just have to pinch my
nose and accelerate as fast as i can/dare. i can't imagine
getting pulled over by a cop for speeding and my excuse would
be "errr... officer, my car's climate control s*cks! i can't
stand the smell of a skunk!".

is this just my wife's car? or is this a software bug from audi?
or the climate-control designers just didn't get it?


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