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RE: RE:_RE:_Switching_from_the_k24_to_the_k26_on_the_dual_knock motor

<Isolation switches are the best to work from in forming an opinion, no doubt.

Agreed. The object here, though, was to complete the project and not a piece-by-piece
technical performance evaluation. Mebbe if I had my own dyno here at home....trips to
the 1/4 mile test strip are not that frequent for me.

<I don't know what cam you put in your car, but they can certainly account 
<for an entirely different top-end.  I don't know that I have ever seen one give 
<big advantages on both low and high.  So, interesting topic.


Cam: Schaeffer, .410" lift, 270 degrees duration, custom ground on (terrible) stock USA-smog-spec 83 ur-q cam,
Crane springs to prevent bind with the higher lift Vs stock