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Fw: Audi Wagon

The wife won.  She doesn't think we need this much car.

My 1992 Audi 100 CS Quattro Wagon is on the market. The car has 62,000
miles, and has 23 months left on the powertrain warranty (which DOES include
the AWD system).  The car is silver with black leather interior, has heated
front seats, has the third rear-facing seat, power everything, and is
generally in immaculate condition.  I have owned the car for less than six
months, but my wife wants to get out of the monthly payment.  We have no
kids or pets, and the car has never been smoked in, as far as we can tell.
It has been a great car since we bought it, and we mainly use it for monthly
trips to the northeast.  We purchased the warranty at the time we purchased
the car, and it seems to be very comprehensive, although we have had yet to
need it.  We installed two new tires about 4,000 miles ago, the same as the
front tires (yokohama), and other then that, I have changed the oil every 3K
miles.  (That is two oil changes since we bought the car, the last one was
this past weekend).  According to my pre-purchase inspection, (Eurobahn
Automotive in Manassas, VA), it appears as if the original owners followed a
fairly strict maintenance regiment, as there were no signs of neglect or
abuse.  The engine burns clean, and so on.  The cargo cover and net are in
the car.

Asking price is $19,500.

Any interested parties, feel free to email me.  We are located in the Metro
Washington DC Area.

Reed Hitchcock