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200T Occasionally Blowing smoke: Problem found


I have been battling with my '89 200T, It occasionally blows a huge ball
of smoke, so bad that you cannot see the car behind you.
The condition is not related to speed, boost, downhill etc. as you would


Every 15 - 50 miles at random.


After blowing smoke the No1 plug was totally fouled with oil, after a
while the oil would burn off and the normal gray deposits would form in
the exhaust.

When boosting over 1 bar, the analog boost gauge would start oscillating
over a .1 bar range. When driven hard, the boost would settle and the
gauge move smoothly, with drop in fuel consumption.

Fuel consumption would be higher than normal at times.

Occasional tappet, lifter noise on one cylinder.


Replaced turbocharger, did compression and leakage tests, head
inspection (unopened),
nothing seemed to be drastically wrong.


The head was opened, and a loose valve and guide was found. Valve stem
seals appeared OK. Head has been re-done less than a year ago, looks
like bad workmanship.

Hope this helps someone,

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Renier Meyer
89 200T
Durban South Africa.